As the One Man Bandit, I do everything in house from producing to shooting to editing,  I got you covered and I can save you money in the process because I don’t need to outsource anybody unless the project requires it. It comes down to production value, whereas the more time and people you put into a project the better and more professional the outcome. This is not saying you won’t get a top-notch production with me running all levels of the production but the reality is video and photo productions can be a daunting task and the more time I can spend on one part of the production like shooting with multiple cameras, talent, script, sound, etc. the better product I can create. That said not everybody has an extendable budget and some only have a couple of hundred dollars to create a YouTube show, that’s where I come in. I charge nothing to meet up with you and to go over your project with you and give you an idea of how much it would cost. This could be a corporate video, promotional video or educational video shoot, low budget local commercial, or a YouTube influencer video or a YouTube cooking show or possibly a political show to get your word out there.

I’m not a rental house but I do own a large inventory of equipment from cameras to Grip and Electric and I can work a package that would include me and my equipment and I will work with your DP, key grip, gaffer, or production head to get the job done.

All it takes is a call to set up an appointment. Click below to get started.