“Special Limited Time Pricing!”

“There is no cost to you for the initial shoot. You pay for the photos one to two days for Real Estate and one to two weeks for Portrait and head shoots after the shoot unless instructed to do so earlier after the shoot unless instructed to do so earlier. If you are unhappy with the photos you pay nothing. I will keep the photos on this page for one to two weeks at which time I will remove them unless I am asked by the client to extend the time.”

“(Head shots and Portraits)Unless it is a structured shoot this is limited to a 1 to 2-hour shoot with the location I pick.” 

“I do Real estate, portraits, head shots, product shots, etc.”

Real estate Pricing:


  • HDR jpeg- $25 each set of 10 $100
  • Corrected Photos jpeg- $35 each. Example overexposed windows, remove objects, blur photos etc.
  • Drone Pictures $50 for 6 
  • Overlays that client provides, tiff, png transparencies, $5 additional each photo.
  • Raw photos $70 each
  • Structured shoot $100 hr. $100 deposit (HDR edit, Strobes, overlays if requested.)
  • Sky replacement $10


  • Drone video exterior shoot: 1-2 min HD video $100.
  • Interior 1-2 min HD video of front to the back of interior of the house $100
  • Ask about combined Drone and interior HD video
  • Overlays provided by client $15 each
  • Structured video shoots $150+, ½ deposit due after signing of the contract.
  • Voice over session $50 per hour, 1-hour min. The client provides talent.
  • Voice over I provide talent 35 to 60-sec spot $200
  • Graphics price depends on complexity.

Portrait Shoots: (One to Two-person max)

  • High res jpeg- $35 each set of 10 $200
  • Low res Web photo download- $10 each set of 10 $75
  • Portrait cleanup $50 each photo.
  • Head shots- $80 each high res download
  • These are download prices and for prints please see the photo website.

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