These are just some of the services I offer and these rates are for typical lower budget shoots but for larger budget shoots my rates are negotiable. Also to increase production value I can bring in crew at an additional cost. Day Rates consist of a 2 to 10 hour days. Multiple days can be discounted. 

One Man Band it Big Band Deal

I’m there from start to finish of your project. Every tool and skill at your service.

One Man Band it Deal

This includes me and my arsenal of tools but no edit or distribution included.

Run and Gun Deals

These deals are for low budget quick turn around productions.


I am trained in a large array of camera bodies. Rates depend on package for project.


Photography is one of my passion and headshots, location, real estate, products and events are my specialty. I shoot in quick turnaround jpeg or raw for more detailed photos. For editing photos I use all adobe products. 


I am a non union cinematographer that has 8 years of experience at lighting locations and sets. I come with the tools to control the light to the desired levels and specs for the given production. I will also work with the production on camera and lens choice and I can work with the grips and gaffers or work all three at an additional cost for smaller productions. 

Sound Mixer

I have a large arsenal of location and studio sound equipment. My 1 man band it sound is for low production sound setups, but I do have higher budget sound people for higher end projects at an additional cost.  

Sound Designer

I edit sound with Adobe products and it’s professionally edited for any source including broadcast. I have a large assortment of licensed music, but can purchase other music from vendors like Music Bed for an additional cost. I also have Pro Tools sound designers for higher budget projects for an additional cost. 


I edit with all Adobe products but I also own and work with Resolve as well. I use plugins like to keep clients updated within the edit process. I do some effects based edits like custom lower thirds and practical effects. I can also assist on larger projects and own all of Red Giant and other effects plugins.


With an understanding of all levels of production and having a  business degree in management and marketing I have the skill set to manage small and large teams and work well with other producers to accomplish the end product. I also have an artistic sensibility that would allow me to bring what’s on a script to reality.  


Like with my directing skills my degree in business helps me stay on track and budget.  

Digital Imaging Technician

I’m not a professional DIT but this is more for clients that want to backup data on location for bigger budgeted projects. I do not do long term back ups at this time but I do hold on to the raw footage until the project is finalized. I recommend this process for any level of production but I understand it is not always in the budget and I will work with the client to make sure data is secured but cannot be guaranteed in an act beyond my control. 

Event Coordinator

You need an event put together? From concerts to marathons or a holiday event, let’s make it happen.

Misc Gear

This is a list of my additional gear and the rates.

Consultation or Pre-Production

Need a consultation on developing a video or photo shoot or cost incurred for pre production. 

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