Photography Rates

When you buy a tv you don’t pay for the tv before it is produced and you don’t have to buy more then one tv. With my service you just pay a $50 deposit to hold the date and time of the shoot and you get the deposit back when you show up to the shoot. Then when the shoot is over and the photos are processed you pick and pay for only the photos you like. There are three tears of shoots you can choose from 

  • A: $35 per high res jpeg photo. They are shot with natural light, one strobe or flash, and possibly bounce. These are great for single or couple shoots for social media or cards for the holidays. Products that need to be tuned around right away. Head shoots that needed to be updated constantly. Posting social media high end photos, etc. 
  • B: (Coming Soon)  $75 per high res jpeg photo. I use two to three strobes and it includes photo touch up like airbrushing and dodge and burn an other  methods. These are great for high end heads shots, beauty shoots, elaborate product shoots. 
  • C: (Coming Soon) $250 each high res jpeg photo. These are for very high detailed photos that are composited like fantasy, vehicle, movie style prints. 

These shoots do not include hair and make up, locations that need permits or fees, props or anything that requires an additional purchase for me and will be required to be paid in full for these items if they are needed prior to the shoot.  

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