One Man Band It Big Band Special

$3000 to $4500, depends on scale and size of project. It includes me and everything in my arsenal of equipment to get the perfect shoot. 

  • one camera 4k setup with either the A7sii, Canon 5D(1080P Video) or BMCC 4k with a full rig setup.
  • Steadicam or jib and sliders will be included with the one camera though.
  • Some lower to mid range crew.
  • One man bandit mid to lower to mid range sound mixer is included 
  • This also include pre production and post production. Distribution will be performed by client unless an agreement is made. 
  • Broadcast ready if need with Bars and tone and leader as well as 2 frames black at beginning and end of video.
  • Social media copy will be for Youtube standards unless you request of another format. 
  • This will include a full edit with selected overlays and a pick from my large selection of music.
  • Sound design will be included with the understanding this is not top budget sound design work but simple noise and compression setting as well as getting it ready for broadcast standards.
  • If I need to find music or other assets an additional cost may be applied.
  • If the Alexa or RED cameras are required that will be an additional fee.
  • Talent will depend on production value and additional cost would apply for higher end union or non-union talent.
  • Location cost and permits are also an additional cost if needed.
  • Travel will be determined by location but typical .50 per mile cost will be applied for more that 30 mile radius of Redlands Ca..
  • 1 day pre production meeting and a 1 full day shoot.
  • 8 hour edit with 1 proof edit and 1 final edit, each additional edit will be $100 each.
  • The edit process will include FrameIO for clients to respond to edits.
  • Deliverable of 1 broadcast ready 1080P and 1 social media 4k one to five minute run time video copy via dropbox or other sharing service.  
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